I'll Sell You a Dog

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Writer: Juan Pablo Villalobos | Number of Pages: 157
Date: 31-12-1969 | ISBN: -


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TitleI'll Sell You a Dog
Rating (Rating: 2 - 76 votes)
ISBN review-
ISBN13 review-'
Total page157
WriterJuan Pablo Villalobos, Rosalind Harvey
The Dark, Pyromantic (Firebug, A Path, Better Than, Aristotle and

I'll Sell You a Dog Long before he was the taco seller whose ‘Gringo Dog’ recipe made him famous throughout Mexico City, our hero was an aspiring artist: an artist, that is, till his would-be girlfriend was stolen by Diego Rivera, and his dreams snuffed out by his hypochondriac mother. Now our hero is resident in a retirement home, where fending off boredom is far more gruelling than making tacos. Plagued by the literary salon that bumps about his building’s lobby and haunted by the self-pitying ghost of a neglected artist, Villalobos’s old man can’t help but misbehave. He antagonises his neighbours, tortures American missionaries with passages from Adorno, flirts with the revolutionary greengrocer, and in short does everything that can be done to fend off the boredom of retirement and old age . . .…

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